Here, you can listen to Eric's wide-range of recordings including classical and commercial bassoon performances, comedy music, arrangements, and commercial compositions.
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Through conversations and coachings with composers, Eric unlocks the passion and motivation behind a piece of music - whether classical or commercial - in order to craft an engaging performance for listeners that is true to the composer's intent.

Sunset Song

by Miguel del Aguila

This was a fun piece to prepare, Miguel's works for bassoon always push the instrument to its limits in a way that is fun and rewarding for the performer and the listener. The glissandi at the beginning took forever to work out, but the effect is so much more evocative than a chromatic run between the notes.


As a session recording artist, I've had an opportunity to work on films, commercials, and albums for a range of clients and artists. Here's a sample of my studio work.


Specializing in quirkiness and sentimentality, Eric's commercial compositions have been used in training videos, podcasts, and video workshops for clients such as Avant, Timepoint Ensemble, and Fifth House Ensemble.


Since 2011, Springbo has been writing crude and goofy songs that entertain and offend - often within the same song. Some of them were finalists in the International Songwriting Competition's Comedy/Novelty category. 
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Eric captures the unique characteristics of each ensemble he arranges for. Ever curious, each arrangement brings a new joy and understanding of the power of music. Recorded arrangements include those for bassoon ensemble, but Eric has also worked on arrangements for Fifth House Ensemble and Henhouse Prowlers for their collaborative show, Voices from the Dust Bowl.
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